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SYGMA 2023 is a National level IT Fest organized by the BCA Department of Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Business Management, Mangaluru. The Institution focuses on enhancing the learning experience for the students and fostering career readiness. The Theme chosen for the ‘SYGMA 2023’ is: SYGMA NEO-SAMKHYA – ‘A Universe of Endless Possibilities’. Neo-Samkhya is the exploration of the nature of reality and consciousness within a virtual world. It deals with nature of reality, the self and the universe. Neo-Samkhya emphasis on the realistic relationship and could be seen as relevant to the virtual reality experiences of the Metaverse, where digital content and virtual environments are created and experienced by conscious beings. Neo-Samkhya, the theme of SYGMA 2023 provides a platform to the techies where they will encounter the challenges that test their worth for a title.


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